Rasa Pura
A Baguio Restaurant that offers Singaporean
Cuisine right at the heart of Baguio.
Have a taste of our Singaporean Dishes
which ingredients are directly
imported from Singapore.
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A Baguio Restaurant

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We have a limited number of tables in our restaurant, as a result, we cannot guarantee a private table. If you prefer a table, please call or make a note and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

"You'll feel like you've taken a tasty trip to Singapore.”

“Good food. Clean resto. Wonderful ambiance and hospitable crew.” – Sandy Matias, Happy Customer


When dining in a restaurant, a customer always consider the taste of the food.  At Rasa Pura, we make sure to serve you authentic Singaporean dishes. Therefore, Dishes are made from ingredients imported from Singapore.  Authenticity similarly to consistency is very important to us.  So, if you are looking for something different, something unique, come and try our Singaporean dishes today!

“Experience Singaporean Cuisine while eating in a classy style restaurant” 


Experience dining in our one-of-a-kind restaurant, designed with Singapore in mind.  Incorporating touches of Singapore, our interior designer has created a unique dining area for you to enjoy.  It is perfect for firstly, family get-togethers, secondly, a romantic lunch or dinner with your special someone, or a fun meet up with a friend.

“Rasa Pura” which literally means “City of Taste” reflects the evolution of Singapore’s food culture.

City of Taste

The name Rasa Pura translates to “City of Taste.”  However, here at Rasa Pura, we offer a wide variety of Asian Dishes in addition to Singaporean dishes  as perfected by our Singaporean chef. 

"Singaporean Cuisine Perfected!”