Our Story

Behind every food is a story

“We’ve come a long way.” 

Rasa Pura

Rasa Pura was started only as a dream, a dream to offer Singapore Food Culture here in Baguio City. To let our fellow Filipinos experience the taste of Singapore Cuisines. Rasa Pura was founded by a Singaporean Chef and first opened in Newtown Plaza Hotel and later transferred to Travelite Express. Our goal is to offer mouth-watery dishes which differ from any restaurant in Baguio City. We only used authentic ingredients imported directly from Singapore.

Rasa Pura Baguio

“Outstanding Customer Service”


We knew that the first line of having an outstanding customer service it through our crew. Worry not, all of our crew will greet you with smile right after taking your first step inside our restaurant. Followed by consistent customer service which will ensure that you will be at ease while having your dinner. We are aware that people were not only concern with the taste of food, but they are also judging the way we take care of our diners. Come and dine with us, we are waiting for you!

"Singaporean Cuisine at its Finest!”